Monday, March 4, 2013

Who Even Does That?

With Spring Break a few weeks away I have started to think about what I could do with that valuable time off, but the more I get behind in school, the more I just know I am going to have to catch up on all my crappy readings and studying for another round of midterms the following week. 
And that got me thinking about the whole ideal of "spring break party vacation". Like how MTV seems to devote a whole three weeks to partying in Miami or some other fabulous beach place with all these beautiful young people in barely-there swim suits just dancing around. I remember when I was younger thinking that my spring break would be a month off because of that, but in reality it's still just a pitiful little week. So thanks, MTV. 
And then back in the day in high school watching my favorite and totally intellectual reality show "Laguna Beach", the kids actually went to Cabo or some exotic place like that, and were clubbing all week and drinking and just having themselves a good time. But they were in high school then too!
Now that I am actually in college and life is still not as glamorous as I had hoped, it really just makes me wonder who the hell these people are partying it up on tv. Do you even go to college? Or is that your 5 seconds of fame on camera? And as for Laguna Beach kids, thats probably just attributed to cash money that my parents would never dream of dropping for a underage drunken week in a generally violent foreign country. 
And the sad thing is I will probably come across the "spring break action" on tv while I'm at home with my books, ON my spring break. Oh the irony haha. At least no school means sleep, so I guess there is always a bright side. 
I hope everyone gets the most out of that precious week in your own ways!

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